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Pinprick filters felt and general and woven the difference that filter expects

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Pinprick filters felt and general and woven filter makings photograph is compared, have following advantages:
1, hole rate is old, permeability is good, can increase equipment load capacity and fall low-pressure caustic and specific power consumption. Pinprick filters felt is to use crisscross to arrange, hole distributings filter cloth of even fine short staple, hole rate can amount to 70% above, for one times of filter cloth wovener. With pinprick the bag that make filter can narrow bag type collects dust implement dimension can reduce specific power consumption significantly.
2, attack dirt efficiency is big, gas discharges chroma low. Actual measurement makes clear: Filter 325 eye French chalk (medium 7.5μm controls a way) efficiency can amount to 99.9-99.99% , raise an amount level than flannelette. Gas discharges chroma the standard can set at the country by big earth.
3, the surface is plunged into via heat reach singeing or coating to wait arrange, exterior level off is smooth, jam not easily, be out of shape not easily, easy Qing Dynasty is grey, service life is long. The service life of pinprick felt is woven commonly the 1 ~ of filter cloth 5 times.
4, use is extensive, chemical stability is strong. Can filter not only normal temperature or high temperature gas, and can filter contain acid and alkaline aggressivity gas, but filter water, filter is oily. Pinprick filters felt applies extensively at metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, smelt, generate electricity, the craft application of a variety of industries such as treatment of pottery and porcelain, mechanical, mine, oil, medicine, dye, food, commissariat, stock reclaims, the domain such as the fluid solid depart that soot administers, the gas that is ideal is purified filter material and medium of fluid solid depart.
5, felt of polyester fibber pinprick basically is used at smoke air temperature to spend the circumstance under 150 ℃ .
Our company can offer the pinprick felt of all sorts of norms, the performance data with 550 heavy grams is below

Makings of pinprick felt filter is main technical parameter
Filter makings name
Polyester pinprick felt

Base cloth material is qualitative
Polyester fibber

The gram is heavy (G/m2)

Ply (Mm)

Density (G/cm3)

Interstitial bulk (% )

Rupture intensity (N) :

(sample size 210/150mm)
Fore-and-aft: 2000 transverse: 2000

Rupture stretchy:
Fore-and-aft (% ) : <25 is transverse (% ) : <24

Appear tolerance (L/dm2min@200Pa)

150 ℃ issue hot shrinkage
Fore-and-aft (% ) : <1 is transverse (% ) : <1

Use temperature:
Successive (℃ ) : 130 instants (℃ ) : 150

Bosseyed singeing, bosseyed calendering, heat finalizes the design