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Felt character and type

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One, the character of felt
Felt uses natural abb to be made, it does not use classics abb to interweave and use woolen to shrink character of cloth with soft nap is become via agglutinate, main feature:
1, rich flexibility, can regard shock-proof, sealed, gasket and needle of stretch steel wire as the material of low felt.
2, it is good to combine function as a result of felt, not easy and inattentive, can rush cut the part that makes all sorts of appearance.
3, heat preservation performance is better, can serve as adiabatic insulation material.
4, the organization is close together, hole is small, can serve as filter goodly material.
5, wearability is better, can serve as cast, burnish material.

2, the item that the attention answers when felt is chosen
1, the density of felt (gram / centimeter 3) cross congress to lose flexibility, too small can lose wearability again, the degree of finish of ply, wool is influential also to its function, utility had better be told first when purchasing, lest the influence is used.
2, at present cent of each breed felt tastes felt, general felt especially. The distinction that distinguishs the size that is the degree of finish that presses wool, density and colour and lustre will differentiate; Technical requirement is to press have will differentiate without puissant, stretchy, capillarity, when checking and accept can this will examine.

3, the norms type of felt explains
1, the technical level number of felt is comprised by 5 digit word. The first digit shows product color; Word of the 2nd digit expresses raw material category; Word of the 3rd digit expresses breed norms; The 4th, 5 digit word expresses product density. “T” delegate tastes felt especially.
Be like: T112-41, point to namely taste white especially felt of fine fur piece, density 0.41g/cm3
122-32, point to white namely partly shag piece felt, density 0.32g/cm3
2, need to raise number, ply and area only when indent can. Number can raise by the standard when felt annulus and order goods of felt products spare parts, provide data of part drawing paper at the same time