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The distinction of fine wool and cashmere

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1, the scale of fine wool is arranged more close together than cashmere and thick, its shrink sex of cloth with soft nap is bigger than cashmere.
2, the crimpness of fine wool is bigger than the crimpness of cashmere.
3, what the coriaceous content of cashmere compares fine wool is tall, what cashmere fibrous tigidity compares fine wool is good, namely cashmere is softer than fine wool.
4, what the warmth retention property of cashmere compares fine wool is strong.
5, of cashmere fineness not what divide evenly rate compares fine wool is small, the exterior quality of its goods is better than fine wool.
6, what the density of cashmere compares fine wool is small, its goods is more frivolous than fine wool goods.
7, the sex of acid-proof, alkali resistance of fine wool is better than cashmere, when encountering oxidizer and reducer, also injure than cashmere small.
8, normally of fine wool goods fighting sex having a ball is better than cashmere goods, but felt changes contractility big.