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The sort of abb felt reachs utility

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Abb felt can divide felt of course of study of the roughcast in be, lubricious industry felt, civil felt (civil felt cotton-padded mattress) , suit upper berth of bed of barracks of student dormitory, army to use. Complete wool squelchs, it is Dadami's substitute, have prevent cold, lie between cold, return hot, moistureproof wait for an advantage, pinprick felt, felt of stainless steel polish, felt annulus, felt is made, industrial felt of goods of cloth of labor of felt of painting and calligraphy of insole of planar sheep felt, sheep felt, pure wool, land, fine white felt, half fine white felt, half thick white felt, felt, abb annulus, stainless steel of marble of lubricious industry felt, polish is felt, loose felt, civil felt, pinprick felt, chemical fibber felt, chemical fibber is not had spin mat of cloth, felt, felt, all sorts of abnormity felt such as felt of felt circle, mechanism. Agree with to be spun mechanical, Electromechanical, chemical industry, gently etc use on industry; Like plane, car, train, shipping, tractor, diesel engine, electric machinery, receive machine of cloth of recorder, videocorder, television, tape, fanner, freezer, phone, typewriter, bicycle, grinder, polisher, spin to wait for mechanical product use on equipment, useful at archives oil, sweep shake of oily, gun, separate mat, sound insulation, voiceless sound, protect wet, insulation, heat insulation, filter polishing, use at the respect such as enamel-insulated wire, magnetic material to use even, and on musical instrument and medical treatment equipment wait with felt.