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Factory of felt of Heibei China peaceful

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Factory of felt of Heibei China peaceful establishs seventies metaphase, it is the well-known company of countrywide felt industry, it is professional development high quality industrial the manufacturer of abb felt.

City of the palace austral the province of countryside —— Heibei that the factory is located in felt. Draw near 308 with 106 countries, high speed of the silver that be apart from blueness and Beijing 9 railroad 20 kilometers, traffic, content shedding is very convenient. The history of 30 years that build a plant, we accumulated rich manufacturing management experience, had a lot of modern production facilities and advanced manufacturing technology. The product detects establishment is perfect, qualitative check facilities is excellent, the product is achieved completely and exceed national department to issue a standard. It is Heibei province abides by contract, keep good faith, the letter has gotten an unit.

This factory product divides kinds big: Industrial felt of abb felt, chemical fibber pinprick, high temperature resistant felt, color felt and felt goods. Among them felt goods includes: Felt is covered, felt carries ball of abb of wheelhead of adhesive plaster of oil seal of rag wheel of core of filter of conduction band, felt, felt, felt, felt, felt, polish, wool annulus, oil absorption felt, furniture protects oil of mat, felt to brush, in vain board pen wool is brushed, piano felt, blackboard eraser. Use extensively at appearance of communication of shipping of leather of chemical industry of metallurgy of mechanical Electromechanical, mine, war industry, spin, aviation, electron, instrument, traffic to carry, accurate furniture, pianist report, marble, stainless steel, nonferrous metal. Sealed and dustproof, polish filters since, carry gasket of conduction band, amortize, defend the action such as oily, oil absorption, heat preservation, heat insolation.

My factory will with reliable quality, reasonable price, good service, good faith and new old customer cooperate. This factory will insist to be with the person this, honest be as good as one's word, seek to live on with quality put, seek progress in order to innovate, seek the market in order to serve. User the management concept of mutual benefit of consummate, mutually beneficial. Welcome presence of new old client to cooperate wholeheartedly, pursue in all development.