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Limited company of products of Nanjing Hong Chengmao felt

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Limited company of products of Nanjing Hong Chengmao felt (plant of products of Nanjing Hong Chengmao felt) it is to have competitive energy, have content of science and technology and the civilian battalion company that do poineering work independently, the enterprise is engaged in felt kind the scientific research development of the product and production are managed. Grand fill a company to be located in Nanjing city advocate the city zone, manufacturing base is located in a scenery area of garden of the industry in the Nanjing Jiang Ninggu with beautiful, convenient traffic, change infuse of the enterprise after making a large number of capital, introduced device of felt of German technology whole set, drew a batch of outstanding talented people again at the same time, improve innovated the manufacturing technology that has own property right, achieve and exceeded international to make felt course of study and international product standard and attestation.
Grand in filling a company to produce a business in domestic felt, take the lead in passing attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, the “ that the enterprise has the honor to win a government to award abides by contract keep good faith title ” is unit of director of Chinese paper association (picture felt) . The company founds up to now, the product gets broad user reputably, sell as far as to domestic and international, the enterprise carries out trends of science and technology to run a system, strict quality detects system, product quality stability is on Gao Shuiping, lead position is occupied in home.
Grand fill company major production, management " grand felt of set of card flourishing " , without spin cloth. The product has: Does a kind of sedge of ⑽ of Chu of fawn on of cleanse of ひ of thin ⒐ of  of thin ⑸ of  of ひ flute Li seek cangue pilfer to thank  revive is thin ⒄ of contented of krypton of thin ⒄ of  of thin ⑹ hazel our does ⑴ of  of low of camel of  of ⑽ of  of broken hamper languid drop arm spread not Li of ⒀ of two of ネ of  of frame ⒀ Li?
Abb rag wheel is my miller makes a product, quality can rival entrance product, partial product is lead at international standard. Density has 1.0G/CM3, 0.7G/CM3, 0.6G/CM3, 0.55G/CM3. Diametical 800MM less than.
Product standard: Product of FZ/T2500/-92 abb felt, chemical fibber felt all checks through SGS environment.