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Limited company of Heibei Chinese felt

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Predecessor of limited company of Heibei Chinese felt is south total factory of palace city felt is founded 1972, this enterprise is the famous brand enterprise of countrywide felt course of study, ceng Rong obtains Heibei to save new product award, quality to be believed so that cross product award, concerned through changing property right 2003 and manage a mechanism, more the name is limited company of Heibei Chinese felt. Our company are located in Heibei urban district of the palace austral the province 106, this city Yin Qing high speed, Xing Delu faces by way of of across of 308 nations line city passes through, situation and traffic are very convenient. Head office covers an area of more than mus 20, floor area 43000 square metre, company technology force abundant, equipment complement testing instrument of all ready, product is excellent, product quality all reachs level of product of Gao Jingduan of home, international.
Our company set 30 cent plant: Factory of factory of felt of water of the Qin Dynasty, Yang Tou felt, industrial felt factory, felt fittings factory, pinprick felt factory is waited a moment, it is the enterprise of product of professional production felt. The history of 30 years that build a plant, accumulated rich manufacturing management experience, via effort of entire factory worker development developed a ministry to promulgate standard T112, the planar felt of all sorts of T122 ply, density the different is not mark of each different felt. Our company supply felt of fine white felt, thick felt, lubricious industry now, pinprick felt, civil defend cold felt and felt product, circle of wool felt pan, felt, felt, cloth of weaving of felt canister, felt annulus, insole, blame, without spin cloth to wait for series more than 1000 breed. Basically use at: Spin the equipment such as polish of industry, usable also Yudalishi, stainless steel, accurate furniture, plane, car, train, ship, machine tool mechanical, Electromechanical, chemical industry, cement, gently dustproof, its function uses sealed, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation, heat insulation good.
Our company rely on force of powerful science and technology, develop what successful steel ironworks uses to cut water board, the felt seal that Motor Corporation uses, afore-mentioned two products fill home is blank, already patent application, acquire numerous user at the same time approbate and recognition, and our company are same armed police of subway of oil of electric power of state of steam, 2 steam, individual plant, Bao Gang, Daqing, capital, Beijing always hind wait for existence to wear direct or indirect form a complete set concerns, still sell as far as to country and the area such as the United States, England, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Our company rely on rigorous science management, be certain beg with quality live, beg the tenet of development with credit, in order to build the scientific research team of high quality, unlock horizon, unlock bosom, beg world of home of true deal with concrete matters relating to work, development innovation, base oneself upon, trend, strive to do felt line of business do greatly strong. Produce character to measure top-ranking, after service top-ranking, be of one heart and one mind, steady work, to come true our company cross 100 strong companies of countrywide and indefatigable struggle.
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