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South factory of palace city Hua Jia felt

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Fine felt factory establishs Gong Fuhua south 1990, this factory is located in south ministry of palace city southeast, geographical environment is superior, north faces 308 countries road, beijing is faced east 9 railroad, green silver-colored freeway is faced south, traffic is carried reach communication is very easy. It is China north area only military project selects manufacturer home surely with felt, support energetically in municipal government below, have base of solid scientific research economy now, advanced manufacturing facilities, strict detect system and method; Have modern administrative system, execute unified managing, unifinication of purchase and sale, get user reputably.
Manufacturing product basically has the planar felt of all sorts of norms, be like: Fine Aries felt, in thick abb felt, polishing felt, miscellaneous felt, chromatic felt. Return the felt part that can make all sorts of norms, be like: Felt annulus, felt, felt annulus, felt is filled up, felt canister. Still can ask to make all sorts of abnormity felt parts according to user blueprint.

The product applies extensively at: Spin industrial industry mechanical, Electromechanical, chemical industry, cement, gently, the equipment such as polish of usable also Yudalishi, stainless steel, accurate furniture, plane, car, train, ship, machine tool is dustproof, its function uses sealed, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation, heat insulation good. Popular whole nation saves the product more than 20 times city, sell as far as to the country such as Japan, France, Australia, get of broad client reputably. Felt uses natural abb to be made, use woolen to shrink to machine of classics of character of cloth with soft nap machines agglutinate and be become (blame classics abb interweaves) .

Main feature is as follows:
Be full of flexibility, can regard shock-proof, sealed, gasket and bottom of card clothing of stretch steel wire as the material of felt. Agglutinate performance is good, not easy and inattentive, can rush cut the part that makes all sorts of appearance.
Heat preservation performance is better, can serve as adiabatic insulation material. The organization is close together, hole is small, can serve as filter goodly material. Wearability is better, can serve as throw the stuff that burnish.

Felt code explains:
1, the technical level number of felt is comprised by 5 digit word. The first digit shows product color; Word of the 2nd digit expresses raw material category; Word of the 3rd digit expresses breed norms; The 4th, 5 digit word expresses product density. “T” delegate tastes felt especially. Be like: T112-41, point to namely taste felt of white fine fur especially, density is: 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter of;122-32, point to white namely half shag felt, density is: 0.32 grams / cubic centimeter of;T112-32 ~ 44, point to especially fine white felt namely, density is 0.32 grams / cubic 0.44 grams of centimeter of ~ / cubic centimeter of;T112-41- - 8mm×1000mm×1000mm, show white fine wool tastes felt piece especially namely, density is 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter, ply is 8 millimeter, long width is 1000 millimeter each.
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