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South factory of felt of Gong Fuhua eaves

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South factory of felt of Gong Fuhua eaves only then built 1989, since this factory holds water oneself, hold to ’ to be begged with quality from beginning to end live, beg those who develop ’ to manage a concept with credit, gained the favour of numerous client.

This factory is located in south ministry of palace city southeast, geographical environment is superior, north faces 308 countries road, beijing is faced east 9 railroad, green silver-colored freeway is faced south, traffic is carried reach communication is very easy. My factory has much name of personnel of high-level management technique, facilities of this factory production is advanced, technical force is abundant, it is market research and development, production, machine at an organic whole south one of enterprises of palace city key, professional production T112, 122 model, 132 model the industrial plane felt that waits for a variety of norms, felt of painting and calligraphy, pinprick felt, loose felt, polishing felt, spin uses Pi Gun, and for you client treatment felt is filled up (circle) , felt, felt piece, spin cloth with soft nap is taken, reach goods of all sorts of norms different felt, this felt makes strain list, quality be far ahead goes at be the same as first of course of study, get the consistent recognition of numerous client. The product sells many 90 business of past whole nation, this felt goods and exit of other manufacturer form a complete set go to Iran and Japan.

My factory holds to from beginning to end with ’ quality the first, consummate ’ is credit service tenet. With ’ sincere letter deal with concrete matters relating to work, development innovation ’ is basic principle, in order to pledge the management concept of actor price cheap solicits broad manufacturer, hold the market, satisfy a client.

friend of cordial welcome all circles patronizes guidance. Wish to cooperate to start tomorrow in all hand in hand with broad manufacturer----Perfect character is us forever pursuit