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South limited company of felt of cloth with soft nap of Gong Fuhua source

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Limited company of felt of cloth with soft nap of Gong Fuhua source held water 1988 south, it is with the mechanism half mechanism is reached one common model the large company that felt gives priority to, since be being founded 88 years oneself our company with quality the first sincere letter is this, the client serves a purpose consummately, offer the most high grade product for broad client hard. Our company are in original basis is farther deep treatment, the felt pan that produces all sorts of norms () wait for felt goods. China source company's perfect after service system innovates to provide the most excellent service for broad new old client ceaselessly, china source person wishs to absolute sincerity hand in hand with new old client collaboration. Start felt and felt product again new brilliant, satisfy the requirement of domestic and international client. Our company basically produce high school low of all sorts of norms industrial felt, different felt, color felt, for military use is used on felt, fine white felt, civil felt, bed felt, medium thick felt, oil absorption felt, flame retardant felt, enamel-insulated wire is special pine; Return at the same time can produce felt pan of all sorts of felt circles, wool, felt according to the requirement, cake of felt belt, felt piece, felt, felt crouchs, the felt such as ball of felt canister, felt annulus, rag wheel, abb products spare parts. Product model from especially fine, fine white, half fine, half thick, crudely, color a variety of, choose an entrance to raise bay wool and combing of abb of homebred and advanced course high and into. It is sufficient that our company act on “ quality all the time, sincere letter is road, company should grow ” this principle and concept, taking be realistic innovation, contend for achieve top-ranking imposing manner, the development of change quickly is worn. Since building a company, we hold to a product to pledge the quantity is company life with “ from beginning to end, management user is company sacred ” is a tenet, the company increases investment further, make serve a level to rise ceaselessly, enhance the competition ability of the market. The price reasonable, credit is consummate, win an user approbate, the product is popular already countrywide each district. Nowadays, the enterprise is more with ISO9001 international quality management system carries out quality management, act on “ to assure the quality, management concept that scrupulouslies abide by ” of mutual benefit of credit, mutually beneficial, ceaseless from beginning to end pursuit produces buccal quality and innovation, offer the most high grade product for broad client.