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South factory of palace city Kang Da felt

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Factory of palace city Kang Da felt is located in Heibei south date of 1 of ave of grave of wolf of pleasant of city of the palace austral the province. My factory is the private enterprise that a major pursues studying development and production manage felt and felt product, already had the history of 10 one's remaining years up to now, also be at the same time south the key business that palace city produces felt of fine white pure wool. <br><br>   my miller wants a product to include: All sorts of norms are industrial planar felt, industrial felt, loose felt, fine white felt, half fine white felt, half thick white felt, loose felt, felt of rag wheel of line of rag wheel of ball of felt of lubricious industry felt, grey felt, polish, abb, abb, pinprick, civil prevent cold felt, war industry to use felt of felt, painting and calligraphy, felt annulus reach all sorts of felt goods, wool felt pan, circle, , canister, annulus wait in all 8 series more than 1000 kinds of products. Still can ask to make all sorts of abnormity parts according to user blueprint.
The product applies extensively at: Spin industrial industry mechanical, Electromechanical, chemical industry, cement, gently, the equipment such as polish of usable also Yudalishi, stainless steel, accurate furniture, plane, car, train, ship, machine tool is dustproof, its function uses sealed, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation, heat insulation good. Popular whole nation saves the product more than 20 times city, sell as far as to country and the area such as Australia, France, Japan, get of broad client reputably.
My factory faculty is cordial welcome guidance of presence of friend of broad travelling merchant, negotiate collaboration!