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South limited company of felt of palace city peak

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South limited company of felt of palace city peak, repose at city of the palace austral Heibei province, it is a major pursues abb felt scientific research, production, of the sale medium-sized civilian battalion enterprise. Since my factory builds a plant 72 years oneself, rely on 30 old experience, introduce abroad's advanced production facilities ceaselessly, make company product quality promotes ceaselessly, product quality achieves department of national industry ministry to promulgate standard, obtain attestation of Chinese spin federation of trade unions. My company situation is advantageous, 106, by way of of across of 308 nations line this city, silver-colored green high speed, Xing Delu faces city to pass through, situation and traffic are very convenient.
My company sets 3 cent plant, industrial felt distinguishs a works, civil felt distinguishs a works, felt goods cent factory.
Main production: Industrial felt, civil felt, felt of pinprick chemical fibber, without spin cloth, felt is made, the 8 old series such as recreational felt, on 1000 breed.
Industrial felt: Include 112 model, 122 model, 132 model, 332 model industrial felt, special felt, war industry tastes polishing especially felt, oil absorption felt, adiabatic felt, fine white felt, half fine white felt, half thick white felt, chromatic industry felt, wire of enamel-insulated wire electromagnetism is special felt.
Civil felt: Civil prevent cold felt, pinprick felt.
Felt of pinprick chemical fibber: Prevent felt of cold chemical fibber, felt of printing chemical fibber, big canopy uses felt.
Without spin cloth: The abb chemical fibber of 100 grams above.
Felt makes: Felt is filled up (felt oil seal) , felt circle, felt, belt of rope of felt canister, felt annulus, felt, felt, abnormity felt goods.
Recreational felt: Felt of painting and calligraphy, piano uses the recreational culture such as felt to use felt with felt, mahjong with felt, blackboard eraser.
My company pursues “ humanness to be this, science and technology is achieved first the principle of ” , rely on outstanding talent, force of powerful science and technology, develop what successful steel ironworks uses to cut water board, the felt seal that Motor Corporation uses, afore-mentioned two products fill home is blank, already patent application, in the meantime, my company already reached the much home travelling merchant such as southeast Asia each country to establish good cooperative relationship with Japan, Korea, United States, Europe, the product shows in order to sell past home (except Tibet beyond) more than 20 countries of each province city and municipality directly under the Central Government and abroad and area, get of broad travelling merchant reputably. My factory wishs to taste quality with high grade yield, good after service. Welcome all circles friend to arrive at guidance wholeheartedly, negotiate collaboration!