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The extensive use of felt

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Develop as our country industry, with abb felt goods appears more important on industry. It is the indispensable fittings on industry, of utility wide, be not general product to be able to be likened to! ! ! The product is extensive and at present thorough each domains! Because it is had good puissant, good flexibility, good wearability, good warmth retention property, good sharp sex waits particular characteristic a moment, for example, mouth of the oil seal on machinery uses abb felt to coil the function that seal oil is best. Oven, refrigerant box, need is sealed use planar felt sealing the can strongest. Air of because abb felt structure is thick not easy flow uses felt warmth retention properties the idealest, abb has wonderful and sharp sex, use abb felt annulus polish, burnish advanced product effect is optimal, canister of the felt that use a sheep filters purify degree best, , mat, line uses abb felt bouncy wear-resisting, it is weapon armory so, plant of tractor plant, car plant, the dockyard, engine that wear oil, manufactory, bicycle saddle plant of factory of cloth with soft nap of pistil of factory of factory, glasswork, mirror, filter factory, chemical plant, power plant, spin machinery plant, lamp, printing and dyeing mill, bearing, watch factory, enamel-insulated wire.