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The effect effect of felt of hill ox hair

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Felt of hill ox hair
(" Guizhou folk medicaments " )

[different name] felt of Tian Gaoliang, fescue, ox hair (" Guizhou folk medicaments " ) , stroke of brown Sui Piao is careless (" Guangzhou plant records " ) , piece horn is careless (" Chinese plant records " ) .

[origin] for plant of nutgrass flatsedge division dark brown waves the complete grass of stroke grass.

[plant configuration] dark brown waves stroke is careless
Perennial is herbaceous, stalk is fascicular, tall 20 ~ 40 centimeters. Foliaceous line form, grow 5 ~ 15 centimeters, tip urgent needle, two sides by wool. Luxuriant a 2 ~ 4, foliaceous, grow 8 ~ 35 millimeter, by branch of wool long side cyme reappears, have majority by the radiation branch of wool; Spicule grows round shape to wrap around needle form, grow 6 ~ 10 millimeter; Shape of egg of scale having a flower wraps around needle form, by dumpy wool, brown, midrib 1; Staminal 3; Post 3. Nutlet pours egg form, have 3 edge, fallow or white. Flower, fruit period 6 ~ in September.

Be born at the summit, meadow or tanaka. And other places of distributinging Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hunan, Guizhou.

[collect] 8 ~ were collected in September close.

[sexual flavour] strength, flavour laborious.

[function advocate treat] induce sweat, poor heat.

[anthology square] treat ship fever: Felt of hill ox hair 9. Decoct water is taken