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Violate the rules and regulations of smother of billow of lake city great theate

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In new Hangzhou net on April 27 report (Li Zhengfeng of Guo Haifeng of reporter Chai Yanfei's reporter) on April 27 10 when 40 minutes, lake state city appears in the top of great theater building that build billow smother, clear sees the Dou Nengqing outside a few kilometers. After accident happening, branch of lake state fire control instantly assign is especially diligent squadron, fly flower squadron 6 fire engine drive military unit corresponding to a company of two fire control go to the spot to deal with, considering the dangerous sex of construction site fire, command center adds a group spot of rush to the rescue of 52 meters of high-power water tank car, aerial ladder fire truck, headquarters of detachment mechanism full attendence also is driven go to the spot to conduct put out a fire.

Accident location space is especially diligent military unit corresponding to a company is close the distance with one much kilometer, after arriving to often enter the spot now to officers and soldiers of 3 minutes of fire control, fire control officers and soldiers sufferred ” of ineffable “ cold reception, whole scene did not come to how-to, reinforce before one person actually, enquire with all possible means also cannot find a chief.

But under, the first fire control officers and soldiers that enters the spot is carrying equipment of heavy put out a fire on the back, in labyrinthian the building site interior like seeks aggression course, asking jockey person also is “ try to mediate differences at the sacrifice of principle the hand is used like ” point to casually. Building top is risking smother, and the controller that internal composition was not familiar with after fire control officers and soldiers is present is how-to, the staff member also is “ I do not know ” serves as reason, avoid and far, it is ” of person of put out a fire of urgent dead “ really.

10 when 50 minutes, fire control officers and soldiers mounted top of great theater building eventually, discovering flaming article is the asphalt felt that laid carries on the head in the building, a middleaged man is directing builder to carry water cut out an engine. See fire control officers and soldiers comes, say “ this a little bit repeatedly bagatelle, I did not inform you come which 1 encounters controller of ” of such “ bright thing, officers and soldiers of present fire fighting is to find both funny and annoying really.

After battle of put out a fire ends, officers and soldiers of classics fire control enquires party is informed: The cause that causes fire is builder violate the rules and regulations heats the bitumen be caused by that laid asphalt felt uses, because building top wind speed is bigger, flame at a draught ignition the asphalt felt that form a pile, risk removed billow smother.

Lake city great theater is city class major project, in building site the entrance is in, standing tall and upright system of of all kinds regulations, " fire prevention system of job responsibility " marked position is listed among them, and building site interior manages such disorder, produce fire actually oneself are done calm, call the police not in time, in case cause serious fire accident, construction site can is interior done decide? Connect the truth that nursery school child knows, adult is not reasonable however.
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