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Complete diplomatic relation of articles for use of automobile of felt of first

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Came 29 days on June 27, fair of whole nation of articles for use of automobile of felt of first Yang Jianrong and technical butt joint can hold the palace austral Heibei. This Fair changes by national hair appoint institute of Chinese equipment government, south government of palace city people is sponsorred, beijing is elegant dark international exhibition company undertakes. National hair changes appoint Chen Yuping of vice-chairman of institute of Chinese equipment government, secretary-general attends the meeting and make a speech, li Fenggang of minister of battle of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, all attends a meeting congratulation, right of this congress hold give height the opinion. Many 1300 professional personage that comes from countrywide each district visited articles for use of automobile of Yang Jianrong felt to be able to be exhibited.

Raise of characteristic industry good reputation, can exhibit build a spruce all directions. In recent years, south palace municipal Party committee, municipal government asks according to the strategy that implements new-style industry breakthrough, insist to advocate bibcock of garden area, Yo, action travelling merchant, on project, yang Jianrong and felt industry appear the power that gives swift and violent group progress, make trade of countrywide wool spinning the strange flower of two magnificent. Among them, yang Jianrong industry is the characteristic industry that Heibei province affirms, at present whole town has Yang Jianrong, fur to process a business 1960, from personnel of course of study 20 thousand much person, the product includes 10 old series 200 many breed, annual produce 1.5 billion yuan, achieve collect 180 million dollar, the product sells as far as to the district of 20 many states such as Europe, North America, southeast Asia, exit measures the 50 % left and right sides that takes countrywide congener product, already developed become the Asia's biggest Yang Jianrong base of distributing center treatment. Felt industry basically has series industrial the 20 many series such as sealing strip of glass of felt, automobile 180 many breed, produce and sale measures the 60 % that already took the throughout the country, popular 27 province, infiltrate the international market such as Japan, France, Korea, year business income 350 million yuan, exit achieves duty 10 million dollar, become the Asia's biggest felt to produce treatment base, be awarded “ China sheep to cut ” of title of downy felt famous city by association of Chinese textile industry. Recently, be named to be “ Heibei to save ” of characteristic property base again.

It is reported, this Fair ginseng postpones a business 173, stall 209, ginseng item on display plants 180, clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 165 million yuan.