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Major exhibits sheep of meeting take root to cut downy felt famous city

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Source source Fair, palace government organizes ginseng of local fountainhead enterprise to exhibit south

The palace austral Heibei, countrywide car sheep cuts the source place of production of cloth with soft nap and felt product, collected fountainhead of felt of nearly 1000 Yang Jianrong to produce a business, hold two season products of domestic the market share of 40% . Supply for countrywide each district include pillow of car cushion, seating, back of a chair, back cushion, neck, steering wheel to cover, set, a series of Yang Jianrong felt such as crural mat, carpet, sealing strip things, with “ ” of cheap of qualitative actor price is famous in the whole nation! Municipal government of the palace austral 27-29 day will be combined in June 2008 elegant dark international does the palace austral Heibei in Na Gongju the palace austral Fair of first car Yang Jianrong, Heibei first felt Fair. Fair exhibits an area 10000 square metre, ginseng postpone a business 300, produce the assemble fountainhead product, present market of source of source of car winter product in the round. It is reported, palace government will organize 80% fountainhead enterprise ginseng of local to exhibit Fair south, showpiece quality the source source with clear advantage of reliable, price is brand-new product.

Limits of item on display faces car sheep to cut cloth with soft nap and felt product

Fair cuts cloth with soft nap and felt articles for use technically in the light of car sheep, main component is item on display two parts, include pillow of cushion of Yang Jianrong car, seating, back of a chair, back cushion, neck, steering wheel to cover, set, the automobile articles for use such as crural mat, carpet, include felt of car interior trim, rain to brush at the same time, felt of seat cushion of abb ball, sponge ball, rag wheel, car, gasket, oil seal, industry, prevent felt of felt of series of the cold cicada felt, felt that pack, life, pinprick to wait for felt things. Fair will be Fair of major of first Yang Jianrong felt of domestic, exhibit in automobile articles for use specialization under the trend of fractionize, major exhibits butt joint of produce and sale of can easier implementation, can promote a trade effectively compressed change development, promote industry communication at the same time, promote advanced concept and technology introduce, the dimensions that urges manufacturing company changes development.

Elegant dark international undertakes, invite the whole nation to purchase an enterprise to attend a meeting

Fair by the market after the car famous sponsor an orgnaization elegant dark international exhibition limited company undertakes, use hold automobile articles for use for years, change one's costume or dress the car exhibits the client natural resources that can accumulate and successful experience, invite those who come from countrywide each district to purchase business to attend a meeting look around, predict to exhibit can professional audience this to will exceed 8000 people.
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