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Xinjiang embroider woman uses felt silks and satins to make characteristic trave

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The thing that embroider comes out before “ , basically be use in the home, oneself had been looked at went, now I more be how does the tourist let had been looked at after wanting to consider embroider to come out, can sell a good price. ”7 month 15 days, just attended Xinjiang to mound handicraft of the folk-custom between health citizen is revealed exhibit the woman of the Kazak nationality that performs series activity Aerman says to the reporter.

A Erman tells a reporter, the article such as the bedcover in her home, pillow towel is he is handmade mostly. Woman of the Kazak nationality is used on silks and satins, woolen cloth, leather, felt carry, thorn, embroider, fill, the adornment design that the engineering technology such as the hook machines, conceive ingenious, colour is gorgeous, beautiful and easy, get of domestic and international tourist love. In rural area of 3 labour river, like her ” of such “ embroider woman has 889 people. Since this year March, she had attended to mound 5 embroidery that health city organizes groom class, tuition and fee of board and lodging never had collected on city. Last year, she has 2000 yuan in the income on embroidery, the income this year should be some higher.

To promote and develop minority folk art, outspread travel industry. Since last year, mound health city is passed establish ethical embroidery association, adopt, ask those who come in to be united in wedlock to groom means, hold “ nation embroidery to groom class ” , develop the activity such as contest of a dab hand, guide ” of woman of embroider of “ of the Kazak nationality open eye shot, improve a technology, fostered large quantities of one woman embroidery a dab hand, promoted the development of characteristic travel product. In the meantime, build ethical embroider to taste an exhibition hall, promote product of civilian folk-custom handicraft to market of day pool travel, become herdsman of the Kazak nationality to add the one large window that close.