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Wu Hai bans nest of spring-mattress of one illegal treatment to nod copy to risk

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Industrial and commercial substation banned sea area of city of sea of black of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region a few days ago the shelter feature of mattess of an illegal treatment, check buckled large quantities of mattess finished product, semi-manufactured goods and raw material, experience record amount more than yuan 60 thousand.

As we have learned, this shelter feature is located in near black sea heat and power plant, have the manufacturing workshop of a 100 much square metre. The staff member that ever executed the law in the spot says, the stack inside the workshop the spring that treatment mattess uses and black

the raw material such as felt, edge relying on a wall is piling up a few machine good mattess. In the workshop one corner, execute the law personnel still discovered “ Aomeilisi ” , “ enlighten the brand of more than 10 kinds of mattess such as Li ” . Via checking, this processing factory does not have business charter not only, be suspected of card of copy go under sb else's name, and the raw material such as bedspring, felt is mixed without bill of replenish onr's stock entirely examine report, belong to rejected product completely. Execute the law personnel banned this mattess processing factory lawfully then, detained all products.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of bay of suddenly of sea of black sea city the door 12315 complain inform against central controller to admonish for this broad consumer, the businessman should choose cautiously when buying the bedding such as bedding, mattess, had better buy the brand goods of normal manufacturer.