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Shoe of Russia vogue felt becomes market popularity trend

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Russia all through the ages is useful make, or traditional, especially felt shoe, prevent particularly with its cold, wear-resisting, comfortable wait for an advantage, get Russia old man greatly praise, those who hold design home is new when abb felt shoe becomes Russia again nowadays bestow favor on, if put on proper adornment, it shows the ethical sentiment of Russia adequately.

According to international shoe kind the market dogs make clear, australia sheep skin is leading a shoe kind popular trend. Look so, natural abb felt has blazing property, abb fiber has permeability, can according to annulus, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations seeks supplier of high grade handicraft! Of environmental thermoregulation finished products hygroscopic, there is air-vent to in felt structure, the quantity of heat inside OK and scattered shoe.

The abb that shoemaking felt place uses has hair of beautiful interest slave, hybrid strain abb, producing area is Australia, New Zealand, Argentine, Uruguay, south Africa to wait. Poodle time is different, influential to woolen length and quality. The abb that the autumn cuts, growth period is 4 months, the poodle that compares spring is a few shorter, lanolin is little, cleaner, just careless seed is more, of this kind of wool shrink felt sex is compared spring wool and kid wool are big, because the dosage when this felt is corresponding also much. Kid wool with 4-7 lunar coarse-wooled sheep or half coarse-wooled sheep is cut on the body below, character is high grade, fineness and curly and very good, the firm wool fibre of kid wool is fine, contain heart form spread.

When felt shoe or boots, can use the abb of different specifications: Fine fibre wool, half fine fibre wool, half crude fibre wool, crude fibre wool, quality of before two kinds of wool is good, much can be used at felt shoe, hind although character of two kinds of wool is a bit poor, but they have better puissant, also apply to felt shoe consequently. In actual production, use the autumn poodle of hybrid strain sheep more, also add cut off wool, abandon wool even, such not only can reduce cost, return the function that can adjust felt material according to real need.