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Na Gongcheng is an Asia felt of the biggest Yang Jianrong machines base

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Palace city carries out characteristic industry to break through the strategy with all one's strength south, through advocating bibcock of garden area, Yo, action travelling merchant, on a series of act such as the project give aid to energetically, the sheep that makes this locality original cuts the advantage industry such as cloth with soft nap and felt, development becomes industry of the Asia's biggest Yang Jianrong felt to machine base. After afterwards is awarded “ China sheep to cut title of ” of downy felt famous city by association of Chinese textile industry, be named to be “ Heibei to save ” of base of property of Yang Jianrong characteristic again recently.

This city has Yang Jianrong to process a business 1960, from personnel of course of study 20 thousand much person, the product includes 10 old series 200 many breed, annual produce 1.5 billion yuan, achieve collect 180 million dollar, the product sells as far as to the 20 many countries such as Europe, North America, southeast Asia and area, export a quantity to take countrywide congener product 50% the left and right sides.