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The European Union produces felt pen to give out consumer to warn to China

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On August 8, 2008, committee blame feeds the European Union taste kind of fast early warning system (RAPEX) in be opposite, homebred felt pen gives out consumer to warn. The bulletin country of this case is Germany. The felt pen that reports this is covered for 8 kinds, the pen grows 11cm; Design / model encode is 27378009111000000100.

As a result of benzene of the adjacent in this felt pen 2 formic acid 2 second base the content of second ester is as high as 11.8% , of outclass European Union the biggest be restricted to be worth 0.1% , have cause the risk with toxic chemistry of the person that use.

Current, issued business to already took voluntary recall step to this commodity.

For this, chinese commerce relieves a website to suggest home concerns production and export business to give to this height takes seriously.