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Foshan Nanhai Kevlar blankets qualityand talents were sold

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The quality of the life --- 

Foshan Nanhai Kevlar blankets Products Co., Ltd. is China's most professional production of aluminum products processing applications, one felt, is the world's most honest felt with high-temperature aluminum manufacturers, enterprises have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification . Kevlar product quality as enterprise life, strict product factory clearance, a set of sophisticated detection equipment, so that the product "is not excellent quality is not for sale", Kevlar is committed to "zero defects" and competitive timely delivery of products force the hands of customers!

Tube produced by PBO felt, PBO felt belt, felt with high-temperature, high temperature blankets and other products work fine tube, high quality. Companies familiar with "工欲善其事必先利其器", the reporter was informed of aluminum mesh, Kevlar products in the use of high temperature DuPont (DUBONT) of KEVLAR, Japan's imports of raw materials such as PBO. Through its unique high temperature blankets Process barrel, the product can be improved wear resistance, the product life is extended. With excellent product quality, the South China Sea Kevlar blankets products become more and more customers close friends.

--- Enterprise customers friend

Kevlar friend as the customer, depending on customer support for the enterprise forward. The company customized a thoughtful pre - sales - service. Corporate commitment either in quality or customer service should be best. Tao Kevlar's total aluminum mesh in an interview said the company integrity management, customer, big or small, are treated equally, honest, select the Kevlar blankets, we will provide you with the best use of the program, sincere cooperation!

Five largest faith:

1. Kevlar commitment to keep its customers to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

2. The company dared to innovative ideas, and constantly update process, exceed customer expectations.

3. Kevlar to the pursuit of world-class professional standards and become the industry benchmark blankets.

4. To comply with team discipline, rapid and effective implementation, so that reward and punishment.

5. Continue to create customers, shareholders and employees, the maximum value.

Al ready Shanghai Exhibition

The current Kevlar are full of enthusiasm for the upcoming Shanghai International Aluminium Exhibition ready. Let us wait and see the high quality products, Kevlar blankets Shanghai aluminum stage show!