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Down wool felt coat

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Let dough soft like the clouds transformed into a Ge Chen size cashmere clothes, do not need to stitch the whole process, thanks to two hands. Spinning, rubbing, washing, dehydration, cooking, drying, ironing - after a full week, a kg of cashmere is "sculpture" as a cashmere blanket coat. Up and down the whole dress is not a joint body Even the buttons are made by manual scrubbing. Superior Mongolia white cashmere (a cashmere goat cashmere 150-200 grams per year) both warmth and moisture absorption properties of soft, cardigan coat, a seemingly strong hold in the hand Weight, even more than even a thick rod light sweater. This process was first used in the production of yurts, followed by extension methods as a garment. However, even in its birthplace of Mongolia, it is now also gradually decline. "Down" design director Jiang Qiong Er familiar from the Mongolian cashmere blankets brought in two artisan production process for its production of this particular brand coat. Every morning the sisters went to workshops, from spinning to begin this magical Garment process. Undoubtedly one of the most wonderful aspects of plastic clothes rub: I saw the surface of craftsmen dipped in soapy water, cashmere, his hands like Ganmian general, quick to put down a mass of twisted piece of cloth-like fabric, and then continue Tuirou so It stretched on a plastic template, the template until both sides of covered up. Subsequently, the artisans from out of plastic templates, tailored for each guest put the pattern, adjust the size and shape of clothing. The whole process Do not need too much measuring, only artisans with the experience of touch, and make every one of the final coat is unique. "It's a bit like pastry process." Side of the sisters in the sister rub cashmere, make a cake in the face side, with the unskilled in English, said, "In Mongolia, we use this technology to make scarves, blankets, bathrobes And the child's shoes. " After several washing, rub the soapy water added during the base was washed cashmere and more closely bonded into a cashmere blanket. Complete the dehydration process, the older sister back to studio, remove the two wooden spatula, "now Fold your clothes together, in boiling water for 20-25 minutes. "So saying, she took the blanket quartet built block party next service went to the skillet, stir gently with a spatula clothes," really means a little bit under the dumplings. " Stir a few minutes later, semi-finished products need to soak for 10 minutes in boiling water, then turn one side, repeat the previous steps. Come to an end until the cooking process, the whole dress is basically shaping success. The final step to Is to wear clothes to dry air in the human stage, after waiting most of the day, for the first time ironing, and then allowed to air dry for one night, re-ironing again. A seamless three-dimensional carpet service was born. "Down" is the Hermès in China in September this year, a new brand launched by Jiang Qiong Er as a design director and chief executive officer. Hermès Florian Craen, Managing Director, North Asia, said: "This is the one State brand, developed by the Chinese team, based on Chinese technology, and is mainly produced in China. We do not want to cause any misunderstanding. " Hermès pursuit of excellence and respect for arts and crafts materials brand philosophy congenial, Jiang Qiong Er, founded jointly in China and its new brand "up and down," the respected "gorgeous but dull" way of life, to create each A limited number of products have become "cultural products", revival of traditional Chinese culture and heritage crafts in the dream.