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Huaihai road design store MRKT with blankets poser

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Study design and construction came from the Tom and Bill in Shanghai to start his own design brand MRKT, the blankets as the main material of some daily necessities design, has become a classic MRKT products, now joined The MOB furniture series, beginning in the new store on Huaihai Road will MRKT mass consumption into a more design-oriented shops, where you can buy a home other designers. MRKT in Huaihai Road store quietly opened, and one day have a friend who would like to buy a wallet, the hit by this sell off the goods. Huaihai road in addition to dissipation appears also designed the store space. MRKT shop was originally a walk in the Beijing 798 Art District, the foreigner or the way in Julu influx of people looking for that shop, when a small very personal store, you can use to describe the palm. Into the store now, the top light Lamp lit the white walls and linked to all of the above are movable and can change at any time merchandising. Blankets made of a variety of daily necessities is the flagship store, in addition to the sale of city subway line notebook, by Kam-moon cake box of old Shanghai hand soap - this product but for the weary moon cake gift to the people in the Mid-Autumn Festival, is a very good choice. For the blankets, the poser is the most natural thing. This era of early nomadic humans have become good partners in the material, not only waterproof, strong, lightweight, and because of the unique elements of its own structure, making it Surprisingly simple and neat profile for a bit too post-modern evolution of the humans that want to back to nature, a kind of natural charm. Origin of the design and construction of Tom and Bill, the blankets are very design style. With the cutting machine to felt they wanted to portray the package, wallet, mobile phone sets, and so objects found by friends after the unanimous praise, their initiation, "so that more people use the word" idea, so MRKT born . MRKT white cabinets set off the fish bag, tie, computer bags and other more jumping lively. Carry an LV bag is very lazy thing, because you almost can not go wrong; and carry a MRKT bright blue bag will make the fish Others a little too much fantasy to you. Fantasy is the best counter-boring life, and sometimes even the support we continue to move forward momentum. Have to buy a German made MRKT's ties with the blankets with Ralph Lauren Shirts, and he is meeting colleagues that he would not so serious; a girl to buy a notebook, water droplets, snowflakes and plants, like the hollow of her expression, like the felt sense of the kind of aloof. "In China, the most difficult to do a design is to find life everywhere Muse." Tom miss this life for many years in Brooklyn, New York. He can still remember the strange side of the street corner to see as the graffiti wall Feel shock, or in the line up to buy a cup of coffee in front of station and found a dress like a photographer waiting to be found in street shooting up people. Now, this thing will happen in Shanghai. He was delighted to see this, after all, view Visits a city's growth and design, requires little more patience. I asked Tom, what in life makes you happy? "Free." His voice firm. But will retain its freedom to wander around in the passing, the free design makes users feel relaxed. This makes me think The other in Brooklyn furniture design studio ─ Mickus Projects, they have launched a product called "Relief Chair" of the chair, chair main body formed by a gray blanket, like a gray terrace, but also like Organ of the speakers, to give a lot of people think of sitting space. Designers have a woman with blankets made of a carpet, stretches from the petals of a three-dimensional structure, is very romantic, when I see, I always thought the wedding was strewn Rose of the road. Perhaps this is the item's usefulness to users other than the freedom of imagination. Design is not a skill, but the ability to capture the essence of things and insight into the feeling. Kenya Hara says. MRKT Pandora scales upcoming Lego package, is inspired by Lego. They also designed a Series such as children's toys furniture ─ MOB series, these shelves, stools can be disassembled, assembled, and some can take as little childhood rocking horse to go, did not expect, but also such a natural poser.