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Felt Factory fire in Yulin attack fire fighting protection ripper adjacent wal

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October 30 14:49 PM, Luo Yulin famous factory in Tuen fire blankets, Yulin City Fire Brigade Alarm famous squadron sent two fire engines immediately after, 10 men went to fight the blaze, after the officers and men more than an hour of intense fighting , successfully extinguished the fire, the fire scene to ensure the safety of nearby residents room. 14:51, fire officers arrived at the scene and found that plant is in a fierce fire burning phase, the plant is constantly the top of the roof collapsed, the plant is surrounded by residential buildings. If the fire spread to the residents of housing, the consequences would be disastrous. Site commander ordered a group of people determined from the burning plant next to a residential building on the second floor out of a gun to prevent the fire from spreading to the surrounding houses, two officers of the fire wall opposite the plant operated rescue, in-depth within the scene the fire attack. 15:40, the fire was successfully extinguished. To prevent recrudescence, field commanders ordered the soldiers and factory workers on the combustion area from two directions for the remnants of cloth to prevent the resurgence of water jet cooling. Because fast response alarm, command a strong and appropriate measures and successfully finished a large number of blankets to keep the factory and raw materials. Upon inquiry, the factory owners that the fire may be due to the work cloth nail fight friction sparks ignited the spilled pieces of debris on the ground, causing chain combustion. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation.