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Before the end of October will be put in place corrective Xinzheng Felt worksho

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Xinzheng production of asphalt felt waterproof material many small workshops in the night brewed asphalt, pungent odor Xunde people around can not normal life. Through the Provincial Environmental Protection Department conducted workshops in these raids, the local environmental protection department, said the city will be the end of October rectification Felt workshop place. Please listen to Henan Taiwan journalist reported: But some time ago, many people Xinzheng Henan radio news broadcasts to reflect some of the local production of asphalt felt waterproof material brewed a small workshop in the night asphalt, pungent odor Xunde they can not live a normal life. After various efforts reporter, 19 night, the Provincial Environmental Protection Office, responsible comrades raided and journalists together with some oil Xinzheng felt workshops. Provincial Environmental Corps Du Lianhai OMV said: "Basically there is no pollution control facilities, is a kind of indigenous Shaolian, such enterprises is very low construction cost, this is a cupola furnace. The whole plant in poor condition, that is, with environmental protection facilities, sewage setting," leaking "phenomenon very serious. " Dulian Hai said, the formal construction of the oil companies felt the EIA done before, after approval before construction, while pre-production for three months after acceptance by the environmental protection departments only put into production. So, more than 20 asphalt felt Xinzheng local workshops with or without approval of the? Why so much on the surrounding environment pollution? Xinzheng Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Wang Jiansheng, said: [the recording] "2008 began the comprehensive rectification of environmental protection facilities must requirements, some have been accepted before, when qualified, do not rule out power, resulting in (asphalt) is relatively large smell." Counting from the 2008 renovation began as soon as two years have passed, but felt plant oil pollution did not improve, so that seriously affected the normal life of people around. Do not completely solve the oil pollution blankets factory way? Wang Jiansheng Xinzheng Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said: "Kusakabe Xinzheng City on July 30 issued a document on the waterproofing membrane industry, further in-depth treatment, documentation requirements must rectification in place the end of October, otherwise the Government will take decisive measures, in accordance with the relevant documents, laws and regulations dealing with the closed off, The order to suspend production cut. " In this regard, the provincial environmental audit Zongdui Dulian Hai said that the provincial Environmental Protection Office, will also strengthen supervision and inspection work, but also the local people a healthy and harmonious living environment. "We will combine with the local environmental protection departments Xinzheng city requirements, together with the implementation continues, the absence of procedures, environmental protection department of study, not to please the local government that was shut off." Environmental protection department of the workshop felt Xinzheng some oil pollution remediation work will see results, Henan radio news broadcasts will continue to focus on this.