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The manufacturing history of felt

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Our country working people was in thousands of years early to begin felt goods to produce before. According to " Zhou Li " " say civil solution word " wait for account, skin of control of “ week official is felt ” for × . Arrive Chinese, felt technology had further progress. Chinese yuan Zhao Junyuan of the king when the Supreme Being is married Hun chief of the Xiongnu in ancient China, ceng Jiang is account ” with felt to “ Hu De. Wen Ji of Cai of the Eastern Han Dynasty is made " Hu Jia 18 pat " in a general term for ci and qu, “ felt fur coat is skirt of ” sentence.
After felt technology passes into Central Plains, with local embroidery technical photograph combines scope of application to also expand further, the felt that makes tent calls ” of “ account felt. Spread what go up in the bed to call “ piece felt ” . Fine and the ” of call “ skirt felt that softness makes clothing. Act the role of the mat with beautiful decorative pattern to call “ China felt ” . China felt “ is allegedly light insignificant Suo ” . " numerous records " account, girl of the Qiang nationality makes a red-letter day with it full-dress.
Tang Ji the Five Dynasties, our country had special felt workshop. Yuan acting felt lane scale is larger, the factory amounts to more than 20000. The felt product at that time is main less than cloth with soft nap wraps around felt, line spends felt, yurt, felt shoe give priority to.
Be in the old China of feudal society and semi-feudal semi-colony, the producer type that felt produces, manufacturing facilities, manufacturing technology is very backward, before liberating, industrial felt of home should rely on an entrance entirely.
After new China holds water, the broad worker of felt industry reformed craft, production equipment, make the felt goods that relied on an entrance in the past OK now large quantities of production, yield rises substantially, quality rises steadily, breed is ceaseless grow in quantity. The rapid development that knits industry as our country wool spinning and the development to wool fibre material study, drove the forward progress of felt industry.
After reforming and opening, our country not only production to all industrial felt, and products of more sophisticated advanced and special felt also can be produced. According to statistical our country producible now felt goods makes an appointment with more than 3000 kinds. To developing the spaceflight of our country, national defence industry, machine building, petro-chemical, traffic is carried, electromechanical electron, medicine is unripe, spun each domain such as industry gently to make certain contribution. In the great progress that builds socialist market economy, as the progress of science and technology, chinese felt makes industry be sure to meet develop ahead with rapidder rate!

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