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The appraisal of abb raw material

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Current, the animal wool fibre that the aba place on the market uses, have abb of continous abb, goat hair, camel and rabbit hair roughly a few kinds.

One, sheep wool

People uses the wool unlined upper garment with the largest amount, woolen cloth, felt to wait daily basically is the is born closely continous abb on sheep body. In braiding industry, because sheep wool dosage is the biggest, so " abb " became continous woolen abbreviation.

The country with more output of wool of the sheep on the world is Australia, alone couplet body, New Zealand, Argentina and China. Woolen number and progression are the basis of assess abb grade and character, number is higher, quality is better, progression is taller, quality is poorer.

The " that people place adore is all the time in sheep wool bay wool " , belong to beautiful interest slave to plant sheep, originate in Australia, get a name consequently. Its wool fibre is fine and long, it is the most high grade breed in continous wool sheep. Other if arteries and veins of Si Shan of each country of New Zealand, South America, Europe, Na Aer low have raise, enjoy high reputation on the world.

Snow orchid wool also is common breed. Snow orchid wool calls Xue Telan abb formerly, because originate in archipelago of British Aberdonian Xue Telan and get a name. As a result of Xue Lan wool gives priority to body with nap and the shag with more be mingled with is mixed prop up wool, this kind of natural degree of finish is jumbly, formed snow Lan Mao fabric spy some is plump and fleeciness, soft and not exquisite, the characteristic with burnish and better flexibility, have straightforward color. But, because the output of snow orchid wool is little, demand exceeds supply, the " of unlined upper garment of wool of alleged " Xue Lan that sells on the market is more it is raw material with the half fine wool of New Zealand. More some are sweater of " of wool of " Xue Lan, sale price is not worth 100 yuan every even only a few yuan, the product that is style of copy snow Lanmao actually, " of some " snow Lan Mao are become by a variety of miscellaneous wool spinning, can make shag line only, the price is cheaper also.

Still have with the price cheap, suffer consumer gay ovine young wool, it is lamb wool actually, its feel is rougher, wool of much make it is used.

2, goat hair

Goat hair is the shag that points to the scissor on goat hair body and dead wool. General goat hair the fine fur that goes up personally is very short, cannot spinning, shag also can build brush only, brush and so on, mohair is only exceptional. Mohair namely Angola goat hair, originate in Osmanli Angola to save, north America and South Asia and other places, it is a kind of high grade wool fibre, the surface is slick, few and curly, long and thick, have silk like downy very strong burnish, admirable resilience, wearability and high strenth, it is to weave the good raw material that makes the advanced fabric such as flix of woollen overcoating of jacquard weave blanket, plush, suitable wool, man-made. Mohair of russet of thick good shot unlined upper garment, a suit of armour is worn be like silk flexibly to be like the fiber like mist, form high, lively and straightforward dress style, love by people. Goat hair of halfback of our country northwest also belongs to mohair kind. But in the market, somebody calls the acrylic fibbers bulk yarn of fleeciness style " mohair " sells, cause misunderstanding, in that way acrylic fibbers bulk yarn, at best can call " copy mohair " only.
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