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Felt code explains:

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1, the technical level number of felt is comprised by 5 digit word. The first digit shows product color; Word of the 2nd digit expresses raw material category; Word of the 3rd digit expresses breed norms; The 4th, 5 digit word expresses product density. “T” delegate tastes felt especially. Be like: T112-41, point to namely taste felt of white fine fur especially, density is: 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter of;122-32, point to white namely half shag felt, density is: 0.32 grams / cubic centimeter of;T112-32 ~ 44, point to especially fine white felt namely, density is 0.32 grams / cubic 0.44 grams of centimeter of ~ / cubic centimeter of;T112-41- - 8mm×1000mm×1000mm, show white fine wool tastes felt piece especially namely, density is 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter, ply is 8 millimeter, long width is 1000 millimeter each.
2, need to raise number, ply and area only when indent can. Number can raise by the standard when felt annulus and order goods of felt products spare parts, provide data of part drawing paper at the same time. The felt product of special model has special demand to technical condition index, can undertake both sides negotiates a decision when indent.