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Abb handles new technology

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Technology of A abb fine-draw----The abb length that fine-draw handles is stretchy, fineness attenuate makes an appointment with 20 % . Fine-draw abb has the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics and soft effect, its value twice rises, but fine-draw woolen ruptures percentage elongation drops. This one technology changed the curly flexibility with abb original fiber and feature of low standard volume, raised stretch model quantity, tigidity, reduced a diameter, added luster, itself enhanced silk sense, comfortable at production more frivolous model the fabrics that is close to silk.
Abb of B surface denaturation---Abb denaturation is handled basically is to make abb fiber diameter can attenuate 0. 1 micron of 5 ~ , feel becomes softness, exquisite, function of sex of hygroscopic, wearability, heat preservation, coloring all have rise, burnish brighten. This kind of abb calls the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics abb or shrinkproof abb again.
C exceeds curly abb----Because lack curly abb spinning function opposite poorer, this kind of inadequacy restricted these abb to produce those who taste quality class to rise greatly. For this, the hope adopts the change of curly to abb fiber exterior configuration, improve the concerned performance of abb and its product, make abb spinnability rises, can spin density is reduced, the quality that become gauze is better, its call reason Peng again change abb. Increased warmth retention property, feel is more fleeciness and soft, take more comfortable, for wool spinning product light quantify reach development recreational dress, sprotswear created a condition. Increase the method with curly abb to be able to be divided for mechanical method and chemical method two kinds big.