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Felt processing technique

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With the cultivate such as sheep, ox, horse Mao Dou can machine felt, processing technique is: ?
One, clear makings keeps clear of cultivate wool classification sundry, with cotton fluffer preliminary treatment, make its become fleeciness.   
2, make friends wool becomes cultivate wool make friends loose batt state with cotton gin.   
3, shop wool presses different specifications, develop the bamboo sign of relevant measure, above even play on the flocky that provides thickness. Next, gush clear water is wet, reoccupy bamboo shade removes Mao Juan, tie rope of on several palm or nylon string.   
4, the felt that roll felt will remove with Zhu Lianjuan, bunch put in roll borer to go up to roll back and forth, make wool fibre mutual embroil, namely roll makes felt.   
5, clean take out felt from Zhu Lianzhong, put into hot water to immerse, wash exterior dirty content.   
6, hang an oar to spread out felt, two side brush pink of on one level sizy, roll felt again, make sizy infiltration in-house, final rinse, oar of eliminate surface float.   
7, air basks in the felt that will hang oar hind to hang air to bask in below sunshine, to bask in the plastics when the surface is dry, will contractive dimension is pulled, make its achieve set dimension. Finally, hang inside stoving room, with coal fire drying, it is finished product felt namely.