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Felt manufactures a technology

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1) makes up raw material wool, number comparing mixes the weight portion that presses wool of cotton sheep fine fur, kid and shag 1-3 of ∶ of 5-7 ∶ 2-4; (2) plays wool, send the raw material hair after mixing undertake playing wool inside the machine that play wool, wool of the fine fur that makes raw material wool medium, kid and shag mix adequately even. (3) makes felt semifinished product, will mix even raw material wool to be put again spread a machine to go up, become felt base via spreading a mechanism piece; (4) makes felt, again felt base piece put to felt machine, become wool mat through felt machine recycle; (5) defatted decontamination, 20-24 hour immerses in putting wool mat chroma to be the water solvent of sulphur acid of 1-3 % , undertake decontamination of defatted, carbonization is handled, get rid of the grease on abb surface layer and other but all sorts of contamination impurity of carbonization; (6) undertakes felt shrink is handled, the felt fish out after handling carbonization again, after accusing clean water, put to condensation machine, the hot water that uses 80-90 ℃ drenchs irrigate, develop vitriolic incomplete fluid to reach already the impurity of carbonization, wool mat is in what 80-90 ℃ high temperature issues repass condensation machine to go up to grind roller repeatedly pressure make felt shrink, with the density that will increase wool mat and tensile strength; (Sex of craft of 7) felt surface is handled, undertake the wool mat after shrink again dry, burnish of plane of reoccupy arenaceous band, make wool mat exterior level off, smooth, clean; (8) makes felt shoe, cut out mat of finished product wool by shoe pattern again felt vamp, after adding felt vamp and sole last next, secure, namely the felt shoe that consummate has felt side. Felt shoe has a felt vamp with sole fission.