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Supply felt, industrial felt, abb felt, prevent cold felt, loose felt, insole f

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Product name: Felt, industrial felt
Current price: 80 yuan / piece
The smallest order: 20 pieces
Offer goods gross: 2560000 pieces
Deliver goods deadline: Wait for calm
Seat: Chinese Heibei visits Xing stage town
Suffer attention to spend:
Period of efficacy comes: On November 15, 2008
What belong to an industry: Spin dress
Brand: Kang Da Model: 1000*10000mm

Basic parameter
Ply: 1- - 50
Main use: Sealed, heat preservation, remove dust, sound insulation, adiabatic, polishing
Producing area: The palace austral Heibei
Colour and lustre: White or color
Fabric width: 1000mm
Density: 0.14-0.65g
Component: Pure wool